Windows 10 Creators Update – April 2018

Version 1803, coming soon to a Windows 10 PC near you! The latest Windows 10 feature update includes the first public release of the “Timeline” feature, as well as dozens of smaller enhancements to the Windows 10 user experience. Here’s what you can expect:

One of the most common complaints about earlier feature updates is that the update arrives unexpectedly and commandeers the system for an hour or more, usually at a time when the PC’s owner is unprepared for it. This update addresses that complaint in two ways. First, there are additional options to warn that the update is about to be installed, with options to schedule the installation for a convenient time. Second, most of the update takes place in the background, which means that the visible port will take less time and allow you to get back to work more quickly!

Timeline adds history to the familiar Task View switcher. The signature feature of this update offers a radical change to what happens when you press Windows key+Tab, or click the Task View icon on the taskbar, or swipe up with four fingers on a precision touchpad. That option still displays icons for all running apps, but version 1803 lets you read more…


We Are Hiring – Multiple Tech Positions

Are you a Technology Enthusiast, Computer Repair Expert, or IT Rockstar? We want you! All of our locations and employees work together as a team to provide expert technology support and outstanding customer service. We are only interested in the most qualified candidates to add to our arsenal. You must be able to stay on task, work through distractions, and create solutions and not excuses. Interested? VIEW AVAILABLE POSITIONS HERE!

In-Store IT (Tech Support) – Device Diagnostics / Customer Service / Sales Rep
On-Site IT (Tech Support) – Residential Support / Customer Service / Sales Rep
On-Site IT (Tech Engineer) – Business Support / Client Service / Sales Rep



2017 Winners – Angie’s List Super Service Award

Pinellas Computers is extremely excited to announce that, ONCE AGAIN, we’ve received the Angie’s List Super Service Award at ALL OF OUR LOCATIONS! After previously winning the awards at our 3 locations in 2016, our team worked extra hard to maintain our title as SSA service providers. Only the top 5% of computer repair and technology service companies in Pinellas County are eligible to receive the award, and EACH of our locations must separately meet that criteria to receive the award. Well, we did just that!

Following an incredible year of technology service provided to our clients, Pinellas Computers was one of only 2 companies in the Tampa Bay area to win the award in 2017. Now 7-time winners of the award, Pinellas Computers is proclaimed as the #1 technology service provider in the tri-county area!

“Only the top 5 percent of companies of each specific service category in their geographical territory have performed so consistently well enough to earn our Super Service Award. It’s a really high standard.” – Angie’s List Founder, Angie Hicks.

The Angie’s List Super Service Award reflects company’s that offer a consistently high level of customer service and receive overwhelming positive feedback. SSA winners must meet strict eligibility requirements, which include an “A” rating in overall grade, recent grade, and review period grade, along with read more…


As Seen on TV – ABC Action News Ch11 – ISP’s Sharing Your Private Data

With the growing number of security concerns for consumers personal data, the minimal privacy American’s are holding onto is, for lack of a better term – under attack. ABC’s “Taking Action” reporter Jackie Callaway gets expert insight from Pinellas Computers on the new data sharing changes governing Internet Service Providers. “Your internet carrier has never been allowed to share your search history until now. The repealed regulations will allow your internet carrier to sell your browsing habits.” With the realistic need for Internet, your ISP has the upper-hand in choosing how to use your personal data, and you don’t have many options. That is, short of calling and emailing them (and all your other account providers) and politely asking them exclude you with an opt-out (which may not even be offered by the account provider). Luckily, Pinellas Computers found there is another solution that’s easy, secure, fast and affordable – a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Having trouble viewing the video, or want to read the original story? Click Here to view the original article on ABC Action News!


ISP’s Collecting and Selling Your Data: Protect Your Privacy with a VPN

We all know our web surfing habits are the fuel of online retailers and the advertisement industry, but a new player just entered the game of collecting and selling your personal browsing habits (and they’ve been there all along, waiting). That’s right, it’s your Internet Service Provider (ISP) – aka Spectrum/Brighthouse, Frontier/Verizon FIOS, Time Warner, WoW, AT&T; this list goes on and on. But, how is this only happening now – haven’t they been there all along, doing this forever? Not quite…

In the past, only internet websites (like Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc) have actually been able to collect, package, classify, price and sell your information. What – don’t remember giving them permission to do that? It was all a part of their absurd fine print and terms we agree to (but never read over) when we first sign up for service or an account with them. Sigh – oh yeah, those terms… It’s okay, we all do it. But the matter at hand is – the big search engines, social media sites, and online retailers were the only one’s with the “good details” about you. Who else know’s the juicy details about your hobbies, favorite places to eat, and things you’re thinking about buying? How about… read more…


New Saturday Hours – Starting February 2017

By popular demand, Pinellas Computers will be adjusting our business hours on Saturdays to better serve you. This change will have us open (and close) THREE hours earlier on Saturdays. Previously opening at noon, we will now be open bright and early at 9AM, and will close at 2PM. Effective starting February 1st 2017 – come by and see us!


3X Winner of Angie’s List 2016 Super Service Award

Pinellas Computers is extremely excited to announce we’ve received the Angie’s List Super Service Award at ALL THREE of our locations! After winning the award in 2015, our team worked even harder to keep our title as an SSA service provider. Only the top 5% of computer repair and technology service companies in Pinellas County are eligible to receive the award, and EACH of our locations must separately meet that criteria to receive the award. Well, we did just that!

Following an incredible year of technology service provided to our clients, Pinellas Computers owner Ryan Malize received a phone call from a dedicated Angie’s List representative informing him of the incredible accomplishment.

“Only the top 5 percent of companies of each specific service category in their geographical territory  have performed so consistently well enough to earn our Super Service Award. It’s a really high standard.” – Angie’s List Founder, Angie Hicks.

The Angie’s List Super Service Award reflects company’s that offer a consistently high level of customer service and receive overwhelming positive feedback. SSA winners must meet strict eligibility requirements, which include an “A” rating in overall grade, recent grade, and review period grade, along with read more…


As Seen on TV – ABC Action News Ch11 – Sneaky Windows 10 Upgrade

ABC’s “Taking Action” reporter Jackie Callaway conducts another interview with Pinellas Computers. This time regarding a Microsoft update that many are calling “forced”. Windows 10 upgrades are taking consumers by surprise; downloading and installing without warning, even after users have tried closing the prompts with the red “X”. Jackie from ABC Action News speaks with technology expert Ryan Malize on how the update alerts are delivered, what your options are, and what to do if you don’t want Windows 10 yet.


Windows 10 is Coming for You – Ready or Not

To abort or adopt? Microsoft has not left many with a choice. Taking steps that many companies are calling “pressured”, “sneaky” and even “criminal” leaves many consumers wondering just how great the operating system may or may not be. Most recently, Microsoft officially revoked an update that gave users no choice but to move forward with upgrading to its newest OS. With the options of: “Upgrade Now” or “Upgrade Tonight”, users were left with an ultimatum, along with a lot of frustration.


But that’s not where the headache ends. Many Windows users went to their fail-safe “Click the red X” option to close the prompt altogether and put it off until another time. Little did they know that clicking the red X would actually read more…


We Are Hiring – Business Account Coordinator

Pinellas Computers currently employs a staff of 10+ technicians, servicing over 15,000 local residences and small businesses. This year we are expanding our business and on-site support team, and we need to add yet another member to our team of experienced computer techs.

Hiring Computer Tech Position Available

We are interested in bringing on customer service reps / repair technicians who are knowledgeable with current technology trends, and capable of handling a wide range of computer and technology hardware/software related problems. More importantly, you must be friendly and passionate about working with novice/inexperienced customers and helping them with their technology questions.

Think you have what it takes? Great! For more information, please read more…


Your ISP (Internet Provider) Email is a Trap!

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who use an email address provided by their (ISP) internet service provider, and those who have come to their senses and switched to a lifetime free email provider. Why should you switch? Because using your ISP’s email is a trap! Maybe not today or this year, but one day, you’ll want to switch ISP’s, or you’ll have to move to an area where they don’t have service – and that’s when they’ll strike!

Email Account ISP Trap

Your email service from your ISP is provided “as a courtesy” for you being a paying customer of their internet connection services. But guess what happens when you’re no longer paying them for internet? Now that courtesy is gone! Providers will then corner you into paying $15-$30 per month, just to use their basic and ad-filled email service. But what are you supposed to do, go without the email everyone has come to know communicate with? The answer is to read more…


The End of Window 8 and Internet Explorer 8-10

As of 1/12/16, Microsoft bids goodbye Windows 8. But don’t panic yet, we’re not talking about Windows 8.1 – just the original, non-start button version 8.0.  After just over three years of support, the operating system will no longer receive future bug-fixes, security updates, service packs, or anything else to keep it alive. Of course, users still on Windows 8.0 will be able to update to Windows 8.1 or upgrade to Windows 10. Both are free for Windows 8.0 users for the time being. And while every scenario may have a different recommendation based on your computer’s age/specs, you’ll absolutely want to do one of the two ASAP.


The second part of this RIP announcement is the retirement of all non-current versions of Internet Explorer, which will join Windows 8.0 in the dustbin of history. Microsoft plans to discontinue almost all support for Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10. This change really only affects users still who have yet to upgrade to read more…


Office 2016 Now Available – 20% Off Sale

Microsoft Office sets the standard of productivity software that helps you get it done. Whether it’s making a paper for school, crunching numbers for work, or just efficiently organizing your email; Office 2016 has all the tools and features to make your life easy. The newest versions of Office have all of the programs you know and love: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and Access; all with new online collaboration and sharing options to make it simpler than ever to work remotely or across multiple devices.


Pinellas Computers has the absolute lowest prices you will find on Microsoft Office 2016 suites. Our direct Microsoft partner pricing won’t be beaten, bringing the lowest prices to you. We’ll even install and configure your software for FREE when you purchase it from us (a $30 value)! Plus, we keep a backup of your licensing information in case you ever need to reinstall. Prices start at just $109 – Give us a call today!


Welcome Existing ‘iCuretech’ Computer Repair Customers

“iCuretech” on Belcher/Ulmerton in Largo shut down in the last quarter of 2015. After working closely with the owner since 2009, the existing staff of iCuretech agreed to have Pinellas Computers handle their history of clients for ongoing computer services and repair.


iCuretech focused heavily on Apple and Macintosh repairs and service, along with all related aspects of computer hardware and software repair. The company was known for its quality services and near perfect online reviews and rankings; servicing over 5,000 customers during their six years in business.

The founder of iCuretech is now working with a team of technology pioneers, who are developing a read more…


As Seen on TV – Caller ID Spoofing – ABC Action News Ch11

With the ever growing number of computerized telephone systems, scams of all kinds are becoming more pronounced. Hackers with special phone hardware and operating software can make their phone number appear as anything they desire. Often, the scammers mask their identity as the IRS, the local electric company, or another service provider in an effort to trick you into sending them money. Most recently, a local business fell victim to their phone number being “spoofed” by an unknown third party. Thousands of calls per minute were made, and then comes the headache – hundreds of calls back to find out what the call was for.

ABC Action News reporter Jackie Callaway spoke with Pinellas Computers CTO, Ryan Malize, about the tools the hackers use, and how to protect yourself. While the FCC and local phone companies are ultimately in charge of prosecuting the bad guys – it’s your responsibility to know how to keep yourself from being tricked out of your time and money.


Windows 10 – Important Release Details

On 7/29/2015, Microsoft officially released Windows 10 to the general public. But behind the scenes, Pinellas Computers and it’s staff have been running it for several months. As members of the Microsoft Insider and Beta Testing team, we’ve been hard at work identifying the good, bad and amazing things Windows 10 has to offer. Here’s some of the most important details you need to know about the release of Windows 10:


Q: Is it easy enough for me to just run the upgrade myself?
A: Being technology experts, we can confidently say that the move from Windows 8 to the new Windows 10 was a fairly reasonable task – not rocket science, but not a walk in the park either. While we’d love to say it’s as simple as a few clicks of the mouse, we have personally witnessed more than a few mishaps/problems during the upgrade process. These errors have included computers losing all of the data/files on their machines, and others not even booting at all after an upgrade attempt. Because of the nature of mass technology upgrades, there is always the potential for problems, which is why we highly recommend users get expert help for the task of upgrading to Windows 10.

Q: What can Pinellas Computers do for me that I can’t do myself?
A: Like we said, the actual process of upgrading is pretty cut and dry, but the preparation and post-cleanup tasks are what are most important and take the most time. Our 5-stage “Total PC Upgrade” service includes read more…


Popular Questions and Answers about Windows 10

It’s coming! Microsoft has announced the official release of Windows 10 for July 29th, 2015. Windows 10 will be the successor to Windows 8 and 8.1, and will aim to replace every existing Windows device as “the last system Microsoft will ever create”. Pinellas Computers and it’s staff are already running the developer preview edition of Windows 10, and we’re pleased with the results so far. But, if you’re still weary about making the jump from Windows 7 or 8, check out some of our answers to the most popular Windows 10 questions below:


Q: Wait, what happened to Windows 9?
A: Microsoft is marketing Windows 10 as “the last operating system you will ever see”. Not because they’re done with making new versions, but because upgrades will come as periodic in-place updates, rather than major overhauls. This is much like other companies have done in the past, and while it is a bit deceiving, it does come with the trade-off of getting (essentially) free updates for the foreseeable future. This means there will be no more night-and-day changes to the user interface, but instead you will see more constant fixes/upgrades to your experience on a regular basis. A nice change of pace, if you ask us.

Q: Should I wait a while before upgrading to Windows 10?
A: Most people want to wait for the “all clear” from other users before jumping on-board; we get that. But keep in mind, we’ve been working with Windows 10 for months and are overall very pleased with what it has to offer. Beyond a ton of new features, the operating system is up to 40% faster than Windows 8 on existing hardware, and has a very familiar feel to the Windows 7 we all loved. Besides that, the new Windows 10 is read more…


Largo / Walsingham Store – Relocating 3 Blocks West

It’s finally time for an upgrade! On Monday, May 4th, our Largo store will be officially relocated 3 blocks west, in the Barclay Square Shopping Center; with Walmart Marketplace and Get Fitness, next Beef O’ Brady’s. The new address is: 13847 Walsingham Rd. Largo, FL 33774.

While originally considering Largo Mall; careful consideration pushed us to maintain a convenient location in north-western Pinellas county. We are, however, still planning to open another new location in Largo Mall in the future; which is why the new office will be renamed Pinellas Computers of Walsingham.


With our existing location having a history of 17 years as a computer store – we made sure the move was close and convenient for all of our current customers. Located less than a half mile further west – the new office is 50% larger overall; with a work-space that is 33% larger, and retail showroom featuring read more…


Our Quality Service is Worth the Investment

Over the last five years, our diagnostic service has evolved from a simple courtesy check, to an extensive service with a 29+ point checklist that spans well over an hour of work. The assessment now includes advanced hardware testing, software analysis, and performance monitoring. Additionally, we provide itemized estimates, and a professional recommendation on how we think you should proceed.

These more comprehensive diagnostics resulted in an ultimatum: either lower the quality of our standards by doing less thorough testing, or increase our efficiency by eliminating wasted time. We identified that our largest loss of time was the result of two factors: [diagnosing computers that had no intentions of approving repairs] and [repairs that were approved but were abandoned and never paid for].

As such, Pinellas Computers now offers our Complete Diagnostic service for $30 – which is fully credited towards any approved repair services. With this new strategy in place, our technicians can better focus on diagnosing computers that have real plans of being approved/repaired. Although this does (in a way) end our “completely free diagnostic” claim to fame – we’re confident that it will result in a faster turn-around time for those looking to get their machines fixed.


There’s a difference between having your computer “looked at” by a friend or family member, and having it “professionally inspected and diagnosed by a technology expert”. Too often we see cases where problems were inaccurately diagnosed and improperly fixed. The result is wasted time, headache, and often irreversible damage. After servicing computers for over 10,000 customers in Pinellas County, trust us when we say – Our quality service is worth the investment.

Learn more about what is included with our Complete Diagnostic Service.


As Seen on TV – ABC Action News Ch11 – Holiday Shoppers Phishing Scam

Holiday shoppers are an easy target for hackers who are tying to hijack your personal information and infect your computer with malware. A new wave of bogus emails are hitting the Internet, appearing to come from reputable companies like Walmart, Target and Costco – telling you to “Confirm your order”. Shipping providers like UPS, FedEx and DHL are experiencing similar emails claiming “Your package could not be delivered”. All of the emails are part of a simple misrepresentation ploy to capture your personal information or hijack your computer.

ABC Action News reporter Jackie Callaway interviews with Bob Demers, Managing Technician and Computer Expert at Pinellas Computers. He explains where the emails come from, what they’re after, and how to spot a scam. While antivirus software is one of the most important ways to stay protected, these tips can help keep you safe if a scam comes your way. Check out the video interview!