With the growing number of security concerns for consumers personal data, the minimal privacy American’s are holding onto is, for lack of a better term – under attack. ABC’s “Taking Action” reporter Jackie Callaway gets expert insight from Pinellas Computers on the new data sharing changes governing Internet Service Providers. “Your internet carrier has never been allowed to share your search history until now. The repealed regulations will allow your internet carrier to sell your browsing habits.” With the realistic need for Internet, your ISP has the upper-hand in choosing how to use your personal data, and you don’t have many options. That is, short of calling and emailing them (and all your other account providers) and politely asking them exclude you with an opt-out (which may not even be offered by the account provider). Luckily, Pinellas Computers found there is another solution that’s easy, secure, fast and affordable – a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

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