To abort or adopt? Microsoft has not left many with a choice. Taking steps that many companies are calling “pressured”, “sneaky” and even “criminal” leaves many consumers wondering just how great the operating system may or may not be. Most recently, Microsoft officially revoked an update that gave users no choice but to move forward with upgrading to its newest OS. With the options of: “Upgrade Now” or “Upgrade Tonight”, users were left with an ultimatum, along with a lot of frustration.


But that’s not where the headache ends. Many Windows users went to their fail-safe “Click the red X” option to close the prompt altogether and put it off until another time. Little did they know that clicking the red X would actually qualify them as “authorizing” the upgrade on their machine (having seen and acknowledged the upgrade notification). Sure, they didn’t say “now” or on a scheduled date; but Microsoft decided that a click of the red X was the equivalent of “Fine, I’ll accept the upgrade – just do it another time”. It’s safe to say this was definitely not what most had in mind.

In the end, the update has resulted in millions of overnight upgrades occurring with users swearing they never gave approval for Microsoft to modify their systems. In just the last week, Pinellas Computers had more than 150 phone calls and scores of visiting consumers asking what they did wrong and how to reverse their systems to their previous states. And although Microsoft has since pulled their deceptive upgrade alert – the damage has already been done. Systems that “approved” the upgrade to occur are now ticking time bombs, just waiting to perform overnight upgrades.

So what are your options if you’re already “pre-approved”? Well, really there are only two: accept the updates in technology, or fight a losing battle for as long as you can. In the end, there’s no sense in pulling away. Eventually, all PCs will be running Windows 10 with all its new features and updates. And unless you have a real conflict on your machine that makes Windows 10 out of the question, it’s a great value at 100% off it’s MSRP of $119-199; which is the price it will default to come it’s one-year anniversary on July 29th 2016.


If you really must pull back and refuse to get up to date with Microsoft’s latest generation OS, there is still an “out” for you. Pinellas Computers Managing Tech L3 / VP of Personnel, Bob Demers, has developed a “lock out” to prevent the Windows 10 upgrade from ever updating your system. It involves modifying your computer’s registry and system files to block Microsoft’s reach and integration; and will effectively root your system to remain in its current state forever. And if that’s what you want – our expert technicians can make it happen for you. Total tech time runs about 1 hour of labor – currently $60 in store.

Even with these grey marketing strategies, Windows 10 has become the second most used OS in the world; already ahead of both Windows 8 and XP, and only behind Windows 7 as of current. So, is it everything you could want and is it time to make the jump? Well, that’s ultimately up to you. The operating system you choose to run on your PC is exactly that – your CHOICE. Microsoft doesn’t own your computer and doesn’t need to make decisions for you. If you want to run a (now) outdated and (slightly) less secure OS, that is up to you. Our final call: We always recommend being up to date with the latest generation hardware and software (as soon as you’re ready).